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Lisa Victoria, I gave my life to Christ at a very young age, because it was what my parent ha160s me to do. But, when I got

older and understood more about Jesus and his love for me I decided to totally give my life to Christ in 1995. I was at that

time the sectary of The Living Word Church. Pastor Robert L. Turner. I also sing in the choir as I recall, I have never been in

Church and wasn’t busy.  After about 5 years the church closed and I went to another Church which was called Rhema Worship

Center and my overseer there was Bishop Gwendolyn Mack. There I became very present as well. I remember being giving

several speaking engagement at Rhema. I was taught to learn the word and study the word by my First Pastor Robert L. Turner.

Since then I had return back to Pastor Robert L. Turner Church which is now Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. Which I remain

until I felt it was time to leave. And now I’m on a Mission for God. Where I’m the Founder and CEO of Women on the Rise Ministry

I was obtained by Bishop Gwendolyn Mack. Taught the word of God by Pastor Robert L. Turner. And my mission is to reach out to

hurting women and let them know that Jesus is always there to help them and so am I.


Minister Lisa Victoria

Women on the Rise Ministry


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